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Doin stuff

2015-05-05 14:26:35 by eshinobip

So yay. I actually did something.


Just uploaded a piece of artwork. It's the piece of artwork I did in my latest episode of Ninja Arts over on Youtube, so you could go watch me draw it.


I'm pretty proud of it, gotta do more drawings. Currently working on my practice with the HTML5 Canvas. Might make something, I've got a somewhat decent Visual Novel engine going, nothing too great yet, but I'd love to be able to make something like that.


2015-03-13 14:36:21 by eshinobip

I really haven't done crap on here. lol. I really want to get something like an animation done, but I'm way too busy for things like that.


2014-11-18 12:44:49 by eshinobip

I need to actually make stuff, something more than artwork on Newgrounds huh? Well... I'll see if I can get a HTML5 Canvas game, or animation going I guess... The issue is time...

I am eshinobip...

2012-11-22 12:28:26 by eshinobip

I am eshinobip, and this is Newgrounds... I'm ready to make some stuff!

I am eshinobip...